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Members of the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

Executive Team

  • Professor Daniel Ralph

    Professor Daniel Ralph

    Academic Director
    Professor Daniel (Danny) Ralph is a Founder and Academic Director of the Centre for Risk Studies, Professor of Operations Research at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, and a Fellow of Churchill College. Danny's research interests include identification and management of systemic risk, risk aversion in investment, economic equilibria models and optimisation methods. Management stress test, via selection and construction of catastrophe scenarios, is one focus of his work in the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies. Another is the role and expression of risk management within organisations. Danny engages across scientific and social science academia, a variety of commercial and industrial sectors, and government policy making. He was Editor-in-Chief of Mathematical Programming (Series B) from 2007-2013.
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  • Ms Michelle Tuveson

    Dr Michelle Tuveson

    Executive Director
    Michelle Tuveson is a Founder and Executive Director at the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies hosted at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. Her responsibilities include the overall executive leadership at the Centre. This includes developing partnership relationships with corporations, governments, and other academic centres.
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  • Dr Andrew Coburn

    Dr Andrew Coburn

    Director of Advisory Board
    Andrew is a Founder and Director of the Centre for Risk Studies' External Advisory Board, and Senior Vice President at Risk Management Solutions, the leading provider of catastrophe risk models to the insurance industry. He is also a Fellow of Cambridge Judge Business School.
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  • Simon Ruffle

    Mr Simon Ruffle

    Director of Research & Innovation
    Simon Ruffle is a member of the Executive Team and is responsible for the overall research framework of the Centre. He is researching into innovative sourcing of business economic data and is leading the cyber threat research track. He has a background in natural hazards and the insurance industry.
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  • Crystal Mbanefo

    Ms Crystal Mbanefo

    Events & Operations Manager
    Crystal Mbanefo is the Events and Operations Manager for the Centre for Risk Studies, acting as the first point of contact for the Centre and working closely with the team, organising events and providing administrative support.

  • Mrs Meglena Slavova

    Mrs Meglena Slavova

    Administrative Assistant
    Megi provides part time administrative support for the Centre.

Research Associates

  • Dr Edward J. Oughton

    Dr Edward J. Oughton

    Research Associate
    Ed leads the Risk Centre's research into the management of critical infrastructure failure.
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  • Andrew Skelton

    Dr Andrew Skelton

    Research Associate
    Andrew Skelton is an affiliate of the Centre for Risk Studies and holds a research post at the Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR) in the Department of Land Economy at the University of Cambridge.
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  • Dr Andrew Chaplin

    Dr Andrew Chaplin

    Risk Researcher
    Andrew is a Risk Researcher at the Centre for Risk Studies. His research interests currently focus on central bank response to international crises.
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  • Dr Jay Chan Do Jung

    Dr Jay (Chan Do) Jung

    Risk Researcher
    Jay is a Risk Researcher at the Centre for Risk Studies, and is interested in examining various aspects of risk elements in the network of financial services institutions and developing tools that can monitor and analyse behaviour of financial networks.
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  • Mr Eireann Leverett

    Mr Eireann Leverett

    Senior Risk Researcher
    Eireann is a Risk Researcher at the Centre for Risk Studies, where his research focuses upon technological disasters and the economic impacts of computer security failures or accidents.
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  • Ms Kristen MacAskill

    Ms Kristen MacAskill

    Risk Researcher
    Kristen is soon to work with the Centre for Risk Studies as a Risk Researcher, her work will focus on examining how cities recover from disaster.

  • Dr Eugene Neduv

    Dr Eugene Neduv

    Risk Researcher
    Eugene Neduv is an expert in quantitative methods in finance and a risk management professional. His interest include network analytics, volatility trading and portfolio optimisation.
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  • Dr Duncan Needham

    Dr Duncan Needham

    Senior Risk Researcher
    Duncan Needham is a Senior Risk Researcher at the Centre for Risk Studies, a Lecturer in the Faculty of History, Director of the Centre for Financial History, and a Fellow of Darwin College.
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  • Dr Louise Pryor

    Dr Louise Pryor

    Senior Risk Researcher
    Louise is Risk Researcher at the Centre for Risk Studies and also an independent consultant on risk and software development. Louise is researching financial and networking risk models at the Centre.
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  • Mr Sam Smith

    Mr Sam Smith

    Senior Risk Researcher
    Sam Smith is a Temporary Senior Risk Researcher at the Centre for Risk Studies from June 2016. At the Centre for Risk Studies part-time, his contribution focusses upon technological disasters and the impacts of technical failures or accidents. He is interested in the practical interactions of cyber security, data, policy and systematic risk.

Research Assistants

  • Ms Jennifer Copic

    Ms Jennifer Copic

    Research Assistant
    Jen supports many research tracks in the Centre and helps maintain sponsor relationships. She is currently researching and developing Cyber and Solar Storm stress test scenarios.
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  • Tamara Evan

    Ms Tamara Evan

    Research Assistant
    Tamara Evan is the Editorial Associate for the Centre for Risk Studies and oversees the completion, production and final delivery of the Centre's research publications and risk scenario reports.
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  • Ms Viktorija Kesaite

    Ms Viktorija Kesaite

    Research Assistant
    Viktorija is a Research Assisant at the Centre for Risk Studies. A recent graduate of the University of Nottingham, she has previously worked for several years as an interpreter.
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  • Dr Ali Shaghaghi

    Dr Ali Shaghaghi

    Research Assistant
    Ali Rais Shaghaghi is a Research Assistant at the Centre for Risk Studies, University of Cambridge, and is researching a model of contagion effects in the international banking network.
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Advisors & Fellows

  • Kern Alexander

    Professor Kern Alexander

    Risk Fellow
    Kern Alexander is Professor of Banking and Financial Market Regulation at the University of Zurich. He is a lawyer and economist with a research focus on the regulation of systemic risk in financial markets.
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  • Andrew Freeman

    Mr Andrew Freeman

    Risk Fellow
    Andrew Freeman is the Founder and Managing Director of Cambridge Research Associates, a research and advisory company that specialises in risk-related work for global clients.
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  • Lee Coppack

    Ms Lee Coppack

    Senior Advisor, Risk Communication
    Lee is a writer, editor and analyst on many risk-related topics and a director of Insurance Research & Publishing.
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  • Professor Alan Punter

    Professor Alan Punter

    Senior Advisor, Insurance Applications
    Alan is an associate of the Centre for Risk Studies working on insurance applications and supply chain risk. Alan has many years of experience in the insurance industry and is a Visiting Professor at the Cass Business School, City University.
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  • Dr Ruth Whaley

    Dr Ruth Whaley

    Senior Advisor, Corporations and Boards
    Ruth is Director of Corporate Development for the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, in charge of expanding the Centre's relationships with global corporations.
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